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PolProd Company Ltd. provides comprehensive retail supply in the European Union. With a base of proven and reputed contractors in whole Poland, we guarantee the highest possible quality of services. The old saying "the customer is our king" has not lost any value in our business. We offer every our valuable business experience and knowledge to our business partners. We strive to fulfill every request even if it means to sacrifice on our part.

We aim to make our contractors fully satisfied with our services, and therefore make their business more efficient and more profitable. So every problem of out client becomes also our problem in which case we try to help our client so we both can succeed. Therefore each of our partners' success is treated as our own.

What will you gain with cooperating with us:

1. Access to the widest range of products. We offer ca. 15,000 products from various Polish regions.

2. The lowest possible prices with very attractive loyalty-discount system.

3. Weekly promotions and price reductions of a selected range of products

4. Professional logistic vehicles with different partitioning for cooling and freezing temperature cells, with integrated temperature recorder.

5. The freshes goods with the longest possible shelf-life dates.

6. No minimum order-value, nor extra transport or any other hidden costs.

7. Frequent delivery of free products and product samples.

8. Convenient access to our e-warehouse (through the internet), where our clients have the ability to comfortably view latest offers, make requests and order at home.

9. No more problems with the authorities as we label 100% of our products in different languages, depending on the orders destination. Our descriptions meet the latest standards used by the German authorities.

10. Completion of orders never fall below 95%. The majority of our clients orders get realized at 100%!

And many other advantages ...

In order to obtain more information about our company, visit out websites: or

So we invite you for cooperation!

PolProd Company Ltd
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