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1. The owner of the virtual warehouse is the company PolProd sp. z o. o., based in Rudawa, ul. Krakowska 10, NIP PL-5130218734 , Regon 121452139, and is registered in the National Court Register. Capital of the Company in the amount of 50000.00 zł has been paid in full.

2. To be able to order from our e-warehouse, you must first register and become a client of PolProd. To do so, please navigate to our home page (by clicking our logo, for example). Next, click "Firmowa strona" and go under "zostan naszym kientem" (become our client), or go to our e-warehouse and entre your details. After the form has been confirmed, you will be given a code to access our e-warehouse, where prices will be visible. In order to obtain the code for e-warehouse access, you must provide your e-mail address and European Union VAT identification number.

3. PolProd Ltd. will not be responsible for third party access and orders, using the account holders email and password.

4. Prices are hidden from unregistered visitors. Only after a confirmation from our office, you will be granted access.

5. Prices displayed in our e-warehouse are completly free from any extra tax or any other hidden extra cost, only given that the client is based out side the Republic of Poland and owns a European Union VAT identification number.

6. Currency Prices in our e-warehouse base on the current currency rates of the NBP (National Polish Bank). Those currencies are being updated systematically everyday.

7. Prices in our e-warehouse and on the final oder invoice could show insignificant differences, as it is a result of changing currency rates from the day of order and the day of issuing the final invoice, as well as price changes on the Porducers part.

8. If the invoice value does not exceed € 100.00 -   we charge € 100.00 the cost of transport, ranging from € 101,00 to € 300,00 - we charge € 50.00 the cost of transport,   ranging from € 301,00 to € 500,00 - we charge € 25.00 the cost of transport, and an invoice with a value in excess of € 501,00 will not be Load Assortments any additional costs.